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A Standalone Novel

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Mackenzie’s marriage is falling apart.

After two years of heartbreaking infertility, her and her husband, Bryson, are more like roommates than the best friends that were once madly in love. While Mackenzie is desperately trying to pick up the pieces of her broken relationship, her colleague, is trying to get her attention.

Mason’s not satisfied with just being her friend and wants to give her everything her husband doesn’t. She’s resisted all his advances so far, but it’s getting harder to do every day as her husband drifts further away.

Mackenzie finds herself caught between a man she’s tied to who wants nothing to do with her, and a man who would give anything to be with her, but she can’t have.

When her world gets rocked by unexpected news, she’s left more torn than ever. Can Mackenzie and Bryson learn to love again or is it already too late?


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