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Chasing Callie

Southern Werewolf Sisters Book 1


Can she deny her destiny and ignore the pull of her soul mate?

Callista McCoy is a strong, well-educated werewolf with no desire for a mate. She’s seen what happens when you love too deeply and wants to avoid it at all costs. Her work as an environmental scientist and activist is enough to keep her busy, and her love life is the least of her worries. But when one of the new wolves in her pack starts to make her feel things she thought she’d successfully suppressed, her only hope is to ignore him. And avoid eye contact at all costs.

Wyatt Carter’s only concerns are taking care of his sick mother and proving his worth to his new pack. But the moment he gets a look at his new alpha’s sister, all bets are off. There’s something irresistible about Callie that draws him in. Something that makes him want to get close to her. So, why is she so determined to push him away? And how hard is he willing to push back?

With the pack expecting an attack any day, will they find their way to each other? Or was this love story doomed from the start?


Belonging to Bea

Southern Werewolf Sisters Book 2


Will an ancient loss keep them apart?

No one can deny that Beatrice McCoy is tough. As the second in command of a large pack, she’s had to be. But when one werewolf in particular wanders into her life, she finds she’s got a soft spot for him and she hates that. Despite her best efforts, she’s unable to resist his mysterious charms and dark green stare. Too bad the wolf that finally caught her attention doesn’t plan to stick around.

Will is the original werewolf. The first one of his kind. And it’s made for a lonely existence. He’s wandered the globe for centuries searching for something he’s never been able to name. Something he thought he’d never find or perhaps lost long ago. What are the odds he’d discover it in a small mountain town in North Carolina?

When the fiery passion between them is stoked to life, no one is safe from the fallout. Can she let down her guard long enough to let him in? Or will his age-old heartache and guilt stand in the way of their future together?


Believing in Bea

Southern Werewolf Sisters Book 3


Can their love withstand the storm?

The day Bea was sent away from her home was the darkest of her life. Sure, becoming the alpha of the biggest pack in the state was a great opportunity, but it came with a price. She had to leave her family, her friends, and the love of her life behind to take the position. Surrounded by hostile strangers and whispers of mutiny, Bea wonders if it was all worth it.

The only reason Will let Bea go was to protect himself. He knew if he fell any deeper in love with her, he’d never survive that loss. However, when the witch from his past comes to him in a dream, she gives him something he hasn't had in millennia: hope. But it comes with a hefty price.

What happens when Will shows up on her doorstep? Can they find a way to overcome their differences? Or will the outside forces conspiring against them be too great?


Dedicated to Del

Southern Werewolf Sisters Book 4

Dedicated to Del Ebook Cover.jpg

It’s not just her heart that’s in danger.

Music has always been the most important part of Del McCoy's life. So, when she lands a gig opening for Nashville’s hottest country-rock band, she’s convinced it's her big shot. At least until she learns the guy she just slept with is their lead guitarist. Turns out he didn’t appreciate getting left in her dust.

Theo Moore is living the rock and roll life he always dreamed of: a new city every day, playing music for hundreds of screaming fans, and then picking one or two groupies to spend the night with. But, everything changes when he meets Del. Now, the only woman he’s interested in is the one he can’t have.

When anonymous love letters and a mysterious gift show up for Del backstage, she's more confused than ever. Especially when the messages turn cryptic, and the present becomes disturbing.

Can they figure out who her stalker is before it's too late? Or is Del and Theo’s clandestine relationship fated to end in tragedy?


Earning Evey

Southern Werewolf Sisters Book 5

Earning Evey Ebook Cover.jpg

She thought she’d never find love.

When the last of her four siblings found their fated mates, Evey McCoy was sure she was next. But, when the months pass with no special guy to sweep her off her feet, she settles into a comfortable relationship with an old friend. That is until a midnight arrival throws her world into chaos. Now she’s got to break one heart in order to follow her own.

As soon as Luke Adams found out he was going to be a dad of twins, their well-being became his main focus. So, when he finds out their mom is being abusive, he takes the girls and runs. Asheville, North Carolina was just supposed to be a safe place for him to raise his daughters but when he meets Evey, it becomes so much more. She’s everything he’s ever wanted, but is the reward worth the risk?

When Luke finally lowers his walls and lets Evey in, his past turns up to ruin their tentative new relationship. Can Luke save Evey and his girls from the worst mistake of his life? Or is he doomed to lose all of them?


Southern Werewolf Sisters

The Complete Series with Bonus Content


Join the McCoy sisters as they navigate the perilous roads that lead to their fated mates.

Four Sisters. 

Five books.

One family. 

Bonus Content included for each couple.


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