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Southern Werewolf Enforcers Book 1


Can they overcome their dark pasts?

Life was predictable for Matthias O’Brian until he met her. Developing software by day and working as a pack enforcer at night kept him busy enough. So when the beautifully broken woman he meets outside the bar begs to leave with him, how can he say no? He had no idea how that single decision would change everything.

Rock bottom wasn’t where Mackenna Henderson thought she’d be at twenty-six. When her clothing boutique goes out of business and she can’t pay rent, she’s forced to move back into her parent’s house. Living under their roof means living under their scrutiny. The pressure sends her running into the arms of her ex which proves to be yet another mistake. But when a handsome stranger steps into their fight and whisks her away, she thinks moving back home might not be such a bad decision after all.

One incredible night leads to more than either of them could have imagined. They both feel this bone-deep attraction they aren’t allowed to act on, but how long can they resist? And how long can Matthias protect her from her ex’s schemes?



Southern Werewolf Enforcers Book 2


Can he save her from his mistakes?

Not much bothers Wes Carter. Not the rotation of girls in his bed. Not the promotion he was supposed to get a year ago. Not even the new packmate he can’t take his eyes off. At least, that’s what he tells himself. Truth is no one’s ever affected him the way this beautiful but strange woman does, and he plans to find out why.

As an orphan, Emily King has lost a lot in her life. So, when she finds out the family she nannies for is taking a permanent vacation in Iceland, she’s not even surprised. She’s used to no one sticking around for long. With no job or place to live, she joins her brother’s pack hoping for a fresh start. But, what she finds is more family than she knows what to do with and a weird connection with one packmate in particular.

When a simple drink turns dangerous, Wes is finally forced to care about something: protecting Emily. She’s caught in the eye of this storm, and the fallout could be deadly. Can Wes save her from his past? Or is he doomed to lose the first woman he’s ever loved?



Southern Werewolf Enforcers Book 3


Will his troubled past eclipse his future?

When the screams in Austin’s head get loud, a stiff drink is the only way to silence them—until Mariah. Her beautiful gray eyes see right through his facade. For the first time in his life, he’s forced to face his demons. If he can’t overcome his past, he’ll miss out on the family he’s always dreamed of.

As a single, working mom, Mariah is just keeping her head above water. When she gets a call from her ex in-laws demanding she bring her twin toddlers for a visit, it’s almost more than she can handle. She wants to protect her children but can’t risk starting a war between the two packs. With no other options, she agrees to take them to Atlanta. Being separated from Austin is hard enough, but when the alphas take her kids, the pain is unimaginable.

When Austin and Mariah find out what the alphas really want with the twins, they know they need to run. Can she trust the new allies she’s found to get them all out of Atlanta? Can Austin stay sober long enough to get Mariah and the kids back? Or is history doomed to repeat itself?



Southern Werewolf Enforcers Book 4


Can he save her from her future?

Shane Harding only became an enforcer for the paycheck. With a sister and elderly parents to support back in Alabama, making money was all that mattered. However, he quickly learns his new pack has dark secrets to hide. Orders are orders, but now the blood of an innocent man is on his hands, and there’s nothing he can do to change that. He knows he’ll never be able to forgive himself, but worse, he knows she won’t either.

Isabella Simmons has lived in captivity her entire life. Her bars may be made of gold, but they were just as good at keeping her trapped. She used to rebel against her parents, but when she lost her twin, she also lost her will to fight. Every moment spent in her lonely tower chipped away at the person she’d been until there was almost nothing left. Meeting Shane was like finding the light at the end of a long, lonely tunnel, but a happily ever after is out of the question.

When Shane is given another cruel command from the alphas, he’s finally had enough. He was getting the hell out of Atlanta and taking Bella with him. Can he save her from the fate her parents arranged, or will he lose her for good?



Southern Werewolf Enforcers Book 5


Can he be what she needs?

Getting the girl had never been a problem for Huxley Davenport. Women always flocked to him until he met Cassie. She’s not looking for a man, but for some reason, he can’t leave her alone. Their connection is undeniable, and once he gets a taste, it’s impossible to let her go. He’s always run from commitment, but now he has to convince Cassie to give him a chance. And hope she can see past his reputation.

The only thing Cassie Barnes ever wanted was independence. After a lifetime under someone else’s control, her oppressor is dead, and she’s ready to experience all the world has to offer. Problem is the only thing she wants to experience is the dirty talking enforcer. Hux is everything she’s ever dreamed about, and he wants her. Their quick and sexy encounter should have doused the flames, but they’re hotter than ever. Especially when it turns out he’s impossible to avoid.

When Cassie becomes Atlanta’s newest target, Huxley refuses to let her out of his sight. Can he make it past her walls and keep her safe? Or will he lose the first woman he’s ever really cared about?



Southern Werewolf Enforcers Book 6


Can he ever trust again?
When Clyde McCoy took the lead in finding the serial killer targeting his pack, he had no idea he was looking for his twin. Three bitter years later, the ghosts of his brother’s evil deeds still haunt him. The nightmares make sleep almost impossible until he meets Lena. Her calm presence and sweet smile chase the shadows away but aren’t enough to erase his guilt.
As soon as Lena Adams found out she was pregnant, she ran. From her ex, from her mistakes, but also from her future. She wasn’t ready to be a single mom, but fate had other plans. Now she’s hiding out in her brother’s pack while her belly swells along with her ankles. Can she accept help from a dark, brooding stranger? Or will she run from him too?
Early labor is the least of her worries when she finds out her abusive ex is looking for her. Can Clyde keep Lena and her children safe? Or will he fail them like he’s failed so many others?


Southern Werewolf Enforcers

The Complete Series with Bonus Content


Matthias and Mack: one needs to face their traumatic past while the other needs to overcome their mistakes.

Wes and Emily: one needs to clear his name while the other needs to find a place to belong.

Austin and Mariah: one needs to battle their addiction while the other needs to lower their walls.

Shane and Bella: one needs to know their worth while the other needs to escape their reality.

Hux and Cassie: one needs to finally take life seriously while the other needs to leave theirs behind.

Clyde and Lena: one needs to learn to forgive themselves while the other needs to face their fears.
 Join the Southern Werewolf enforcers as they fight to defend their packs and the women they love.

Ever wonder what happens after "The End"? Read exclusive bonus content about each couple you can only find here!


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