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Southern Werewolf Rockstar Series Book 1


Fame and fortune come with a price.

Life is pretty sweet when you’re Declan Holmes. Playing guitar for one of the hottest bands in the country has a lot of perks–like tons of women. His carefree attitude and mischievous smile make him popular with the ladies, but after too many failed relationships, he’s finally given up on dating. At least, until he meets his mate. Now he has to find a way to convince her to stick around after her life gets thrown into the spotlight.

As soon as Willow Greene saved enough for a bus ticket, she was getting out of Tennessee and leaving her small town behind. It wouldn’t be easy, but she was determined to rid herself of the past. She thought she had it all figured out until the day Declan barged his way into her life. Now she’s seeing things she never thought she’d see and doing things she never believed she could do. But in this new world full of flashing cameras, red carpets, and fake relationships, who can she really trust?

When trouble follows her home, it’s finally enough to convince Willow the limelight isn’t for her–and neither is Declan. But leaving might be more dangerous than staying. Can they figure out who’s trying to chase her away? Or will the attacker succeed in getting rid of Willow permanently?


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