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Blood Debt

Changed Book 1


She's being hunted.

Adrienne never knew vampires were more than myth until she woke up as one. Problem is, she's alone, with no explanation for her newfound senses and abilities.

Thankfully Nicholas finds her before it's too late. He offers to take her under his wing and teach her all she needs to know--an offer she can't refuse. Now all she needs to do is keep her fantasies about her new maker to herself.

But, a budding romance with Nicholas is the least of her problems. The vampire who changed her is back and he's not afraid to hurt those closest to her in order to get what he wants.

Can they find this mysterious vampire before he finds Adrienne? Can Nicholas keep her safe until the threat is eliminated? Or will outside forces tear them apart?

This book contains sexual themes that are intended for audiences 18 and older.

This book was previously published under the title "Changed" and is being republished with an additional epilogue.


Blood Claimed

Changed Book 2


Can he save her from herself?

Alexander is given one simple task: relocate a recent victim of a rogue vampire. A simple job turns complicated when he actually meets her. Charlotte Wakefield is headstrong, argumentative, and so damn beautiful, he can’t help but want to be near her. But having a vampire for a bodyguard comes with its own slew of issues. She’d be better off without him, but he can’t stay away.

Charlotte knows Alexander isn’t the social worker he claims to be, but she has no other explanation for the gorgeous man who keeps saving her. Besides being devastatingly handsome, he's also rude, impatient, and such a jerk she's constantly in danger of slapping him. She knows there's more to him, though. Just like she knows there's a reason he's always there to save her.

Charlotte's blood is like a siren call and there's danger around every corner. Can Alexander keep her safe? Or is he the real threat to her safety?


Blood Line

Changed Book 3


He wants to protect her light, but she craves his darkness.

Alexander thought claiming Charlotte would save her life. But he was wrong. It turns out vampires aren’t the only thing she has to fear and now she’s not safe anywhere. He knows Changing her can’t be the answer, but he’s running out of options.

Charlotte is tired of living in fear. Of vampires. Of humans. Even her own father. She wants the strength and invincibility that comes with the Change. She knows nothing will ever be the same for her, but she’s okay with that. Now the problem is convincing Alexander to do it himself. She’d happily give up the sunlight if it meant she got to stay with him.

Keeping Charlotte alive may be the hardest thing Alexander’s ever done, but he’s up for the challenge. Charlotte, on the other hand, is ready to be a vampire and willing to fight tooth and nail to get what she wants. Can they find some common ground? Or will Charlotte look elsewhere for a maker?


Blood Lust

Changed Book 4


He’s free and he’s out for blood.

Alexander has finally agreed to make Charlotte a vampire. Problem is, he needs to get somewhere safe before he can do that. When Charlotte’s dad found out she was staying with a “rich guy” he formulated a plan to pay his daughter back for having him locked up while stealing enough from her boyfriend to live comfortably. That crusade ends with Alexander snapping his neck. Even though that threat was eliminated, there’s no telling who else her dad told about that apartment and it’s no longer safe.

Although Nicholas agreed to bond with Adrienne, he’s been dragging his feet ever since. It seems like there’s always some reason to put it off another day. When Adrienne finally gets him to agree to the bond, she has no idea something else is about to get in their way.

They all thought the threats had passed, but they were dead wrong. When Adrienne’s maker comes back, he kidnaps both her and Charlotte, while leaving a trail of bodies behind him. Can Nicholas and Alexander catch up to him before he leaves the States? Or will they have to comb the entire county of Italy to find them?


Blood Feud

Changed Book 5


Will she risk everything to save him?

As an ex-SEAL, Ashton McGraw thought he’d seen it all. That is until he watches the most gorgeous woman he’s ever met drain the life out of two men. They had it coming, but it still shocked the hell out of him. Now, there’s someone after her and he’s got to find a way to protect her without falling for her—a task that’s becoming more difficult by the hour.

With a past as dark as Millie’s, it’s no wonder she doesn’t trust easily. She spent the better part of a century alone and that’s the way she liked it until Ashton shows up. He sails right past her defenses and despite how little she knows about her new bodyguard, she’s instantly drawn to him.

When the wrong person sees too much, he figures out Millie is something more than human. Now he’s after the secret to her speed and strength. Can Ashton and Millie work together to eliminate the threat? Or will their mounting sexual tension be too much of a distraction?


Blood Tie

Changed Book 5


What happens when you wake up to find out your life is over?

Ashton’s been in a lot of sticky situations, but never one he couldn’t get himself out of—until he took the job working security for a beautiful vampire, and found himself on the wrong side of an organization hell-bent on capturing her. He willingly sacrificed his life for hers, but didn’t count on her saving him in return.

Millie swore she was done making vampires. But, when Ashton gets shot protecting her, she doesn’t think twice. She’ll figure out how to explain her actions to him later. All that matters is he’s alive.

But what happens when Ashton wakes up from the change and realizes his humanity is over? Can he accept this new life and forgive Millie for making the choice for him? Or will this tear their tentative new relationship apart?


The Complete Series


Three couples.

Six books.

One hell of a ride.

Everything’s about to change and they’re all in the center of the storm. Love is strong, but are their enemies stronger?

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