Blood Feud

Changed Book 4


Will she risk everything to save him?

As an ex-SEAL, Ashton McGraw thought he’d seen it all. That is until he watches the most gorgeous woman he’s ever met drain the life out of two men. They had it coming, but it still shocked the hell out of him. Now, there’s someone after her and he’s got to find a way to protect her without falling for her—a task that’s becoming more difficult by the hour.

With a past as dark as Millie’s, it’s no wonder she doesn’t trust easily. She spent the better part of a century alone and that’s the way she liked it until Ashton shows up. He sails right past her defenses and despite how little she knows about her new bodyguard, she’s instantly drawn to him.

When the wrong person sees too much, he figures out Millie is something more than human. Now he’s after the secret to her speed and strength. Can Ashton and Millie work together to eliminate the threat? Or will their mounting sexual tension be too much of a distraction?