Blood Tie

Changed Book 5


What happens when you wake up to find out your life is over?

Ashton’s been in a lot of sticky situations, but never one he couldn’t get himself out of—until he took the job working security for a beautiful vampire, and found himself on the wrong side of an organization hell-bent on capturing her. He willingly sacrificed his life for hers, but didn’t count on her saving him in return.

Millie swore she was done making vampires. But, when Ashton gets shot protecting her, she doesn’t think twice. She’ll figure out how to explain her actions to him later. All that matters is he’s alive.

But what happens when Ashton wakes up from the change and realizes his humanity is over? Can he accept this new life and forgive Millie for making the choice for him? Or will this tear their tentative new relationship apart?