Blood Lust

Changed Book 3

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He’s free and he’s out for blood.

Alexander has finally agreed to make Charlotte a vampire. Problem is, he needs to get somewhere safe before he can do that. When Charlotte’s dad found out she was staying with a “rich guy” he formulated a plan to pay his daughter back for having him locked up while stealing enough from her boyfriend to live comfortably. That crusade ends with Alexander snapping his neck. Even though that threat was eliminated, there’s no telling who else her dad told about that apartment and it’s no longer safe.

Although Nicholas agreed to bond with Adrienne, he’s been dragging his feet ever since. It seems like there’s always some reason to put it off another day. When Adrienne finally gets him to agree to the bond, she has no idea something else is about to get in their way.

They all thought the threats had passed, but they were dead wrong. When Adrienne’s maker comes back, he kidnaps both her and Charlotte, while leaving a trail of bodies behind him. Can Nicholas and Alexander catch up to him before he leaves the States? Or will they have to comb the entire county of Italy to find them?