Blood Line

Changed Book 2

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He wants to protect her light, but she craves his darkness.

Alexander thought claiming Charlotte would save her life. But he was wrong. It turns out vampires aren’t the only thing she has to fear and now she’s not safe anywhere. He knows Changing her can’t be the answer, but he’s running out of options.

Charlotte is tired of living in fear. Of vampires. Of humans. Even her own father. She wants the strength and invincibility that comes with the Change. She knows nothing will ever be the same for her, but she’s okay with that. Now the problem is convincing Alexander to do it himself. She’d happily give up the sunlight if it meant she got to stay with him.

Keeping Charlotte alive may be the hardest thing Alexander’s ever done, but he’s up for the challenge. Charlotte, on the other hand, is ready to be a vampire and willing to fight tooth and nail to get what she wants. Can they find some common ground? Or will Charlotte look elsewhere for a maker?